Bio TPU™

Derived from renewable resources. Serving the most technologically demanding markets.

Bio TPU™ by Lubrizol is a revolutionary line of bio-based* thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that’s made with renewable-sourced material (content ranging from approximately 30%–70%*). Bio TPU's performance and benefits are comparable to, and sometimes even better than, traditional petroleum-based TPU, and can range in hardness from 82 Shore A to 55 Shore D. Bio TPU is commercialized as ESTANE® ECO (previously known as Pearlthane™ ECO) for molded, extruded and coextruded end applications, and as Pearlbond™ ECO for adhesive formulations.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Superior chemical, high temperature and abrasion resistance
  • Low density
  • Cold temperature flexibility
  • UV and hydrolysis resistance
  • Transparency
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Good bonding to nylon and other substrates


  • Formulations of reactive polyurethane hot-melts (HMPUR) used in furniture, automotive, textile, book-binding, and footwear
  • Textile coatings for shoe stiffeners (toe puffs & counters)
  • Hoses, timing belts and molded parts for various market segments, such as footwear, automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, and sports/recreation
  • Additive manufacturing: a bio-based grade is available for fused filament fabrication with a broad 3D printing window.

Lubrizol Bio TPU™ Product Solutions

*Bio-based content as certified in accordance with ASTMD D-6866