Color-Stable Aliphatic TPU

Outstanding stain, UV resistance and strong color stability

A quality aesthetic finish calls for quality raw materials, and our aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) deliver. Whether you’re molding or extruding clear and/or light colors, our aliphatic TPU offers a host of benefits that help assure the finish of your product is clean and beautiful for years to come. It’s also a cost-effective manufacturing solution, delivering fast cycling, high flow and low density.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Weather and UV Resistance
  • Long-term performance for superior abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Excellent stain resistance for both transparent and light colors
  • Superior chemical and hydrolysis resistance
  • A beautiful finish: non yellowing, strong color stability upon UV exposure
  • Thermal stability
  • Fast cycling, high flow, low density and lower rejects


  • Surface protection applications for paint protection films, and other Industrial and consumer markets
  • Automotive: gear knobs, bellows, storage mats, hand brake lever covers, console lids, glove boxes, key compartments, shutters, pads, front panels, and sun roof profiles.
  • Mobile devices: mobile phones, wearable electronics (watchstraps), TVs, printers, monitors, information technology equipment.

Lubrizol Aliphatic TPU Product Solutions