Estane® ALR TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Estane ALR TPUs are aliphatic TPUs based on polyether and polycarbonates. They are designed for enhanced weatherability with high UV resistance for applications requiring no discoloration.

We’ve recently introduced several new products to the Estane ALR TPU portfolio (ALR CL65D-VE, ALR CL87A-VE, ALR CL90A-VE, ALR CLC60D-VE). To learn more and/or request technical data for these products, please Submit a Request.

Product Name Hardness Americas Asia EMEAI Technical Data Sheet
Estane ALR CL90A-VE 90A Request
Estane ALR E60D-V TPU 60D English
Estane ALR E87A-V TPU 87A English

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