Estane® VSN TPU for Eyewear

ESTANE® VSN TPU for Eyewear

Elevate Your Premium Eyewear

Our ESTANE® VSN TPU portfolio provides specialized materials for eyewear components that benefit manufacturers, designers and brands across the globe. From high-performing properties to high-impact protection, each of our materials are designed to meet the demands of the premium and specialty eyewear industry.

High-end Frames Material: ESTANE® VSN 9000

  • ESTANE® VSN 9000 is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) designed to improve the performance of specialty parts used in consumer and industrial eyewear applications with its superior toughness and self-healing capabilities. ESTANE® VSN 9000 has great adhesion to ESTANE® VSN SO soft touch material and coatings, and has excellent chemical resistance to IPA*.
*Requires at least 33°C (100°F) lower processing temperature

Advanced Soft Touch Material: ESTANE® VSN SO

  • ESTANE® VSN SO is an advanced soft touch material solution for soft touch eyewear parts, that bonds universally to all common eyewear materials including ESTANE® VSN 9000, polycarbonate, nylon 12 (TR 90), nylon 66, acetate and metal. ESTANE® VSN SO also has outstanding durability and superior chemical resistance to common skin care products.

High-impact Frames Material: ESTANE® VSN HI

  • ESTANE® VSN HI is designed for applications that require high-impact protection for protective eyewear applications for sports, safety, and children. ESTANE® VSN HI has outstanding impact resistance, superior chemical resistance and great adhesion to coatings and ESTANE® VSN SO soft touch material.



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