Estane® VSN SO Advanced Soft Touch Material


ESTANE® VSN SO is an advanced soft touch material for flexible soft touch eyewear applications including fashion, sports, sunglasses, safety, readers and prescription. Available in clear and color.

Universal Bonding to All Common Eyewear Frame Materials

  • Adheres well to ESTANE® VSN 9000, polycarbonate, nylon 12 (TR 90), nylon 66, acetate and metal.

Outstanding Durability

  • 6x higher tensile and 4x higher tear strength vs. TPE (SEBS)*
  • 4x superior abrasion resistance to TPE (SEBS)*
*Results measured in peel strength which indicates the adhesive strength of two or more materials that have been bonded together.

Superior Chemical Resistance

  • Performs well against skin care products, mineral oil and common household items*
  • Plasticizer/oil free
  • Suitable for skin contact
*Estane® VSN SO samples placed in oven at 50% humidity and 38 Celsius for 7 days. Each product was applied daily.  

Technical Data Sheets