100 Percent TPU Shoe

100% TPU Prototype Shoe

One Earth to Protect

Today, the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development has reached a global consensus, especially in the footwear industry. Shoe manufacturers are eager to satisfy the increasing demands of consumers passionate about responsible consumption and more sustainable outcomes.

Demonstrating our One Shoe. One Material. One Earth™ initiative, we partnered to engineer a prototype shoe made of 100% TPU. Our 100% TPU prototype shoe is designed to inspire shoe manufacturers to ultimately achieve greater sustainability through enhanced recyclability* and less material waste.

One Material to Enhance “Circularity” 

In contrast to traditional footwear products which are constructed using "mixed materials", our 100% TPU prototype shoe can provide enhanced “circularity” solutions since it is manufactured using only TPU. Not only can shoe manufacturers reuse scraps of TPU during production, TPU can help simplify the post-consumer recycling process by having the ability to regrind and repurpose into new goods.*

One Shoe with Innovative Attributes


  • Reduces material waste during production process
  • Enhances possibility of circularity


  • Makes shoes more durable for a longer lifespan


  • Improves production efficiency

Featuring Our Latest TPU Advancements for Footwear

The 100% TPU Prototype Shoe features the latest advancements of our TPU portfolio for footwear performance including:

Bio TPU™ featuring ESTANE® ECO TPU

TPU made with renewable-sourced materials (content ranging from approximately 30%–70%**) used in the prototype shoe's midsole.


A innovative alternative to rubber used in the prototype shoe's outsole and shank.


Versatile and light-weight ESTANE® TPU grades, engineered for various molded footwear parts, provide durability and strong resilience for the prototype shoe's top cap and heel.

*Recyclability is based on access to a readily available standard recycling program that supports such materials. Products may not be available in all areas.
**Bio-based content as determined according to ASTM-D6866

Nothing contained herein is to be considered as permission, recommendation, nor as an inducement to practice any patented invention without permission of the patent owner.

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