CARBOSET® CA-600L   Acrylic Emulsion

Low VOC, Low Odor, 100% Acrylic, Self-Crosslinking

Carboset® CA-600L is a water-based, low odor, 100% acrylic, self cross-linking, polymer emulsion specifically developed for horizontal masonry clear, stain and opaque coatings. High performance coatings can be formulated at <100 g/L VOC to protect and enhance the appearance of a variety of concrete based construction materials for residential and commercial applications. Carboset CA-600L provides a unique combination of properties for a wide range of horizontal masonry coatings. Carboset CA-600L based coatings do not blush, have great exterior durability, and adhere well leading to long lasting, attractive coatings. They also provide good chemical resistance enhancing appearance by resisting discoloration from dirt and spills. Carboset CA-600L based coatings do not yellow and can enhance the color of the substrate when applied in two coats. Good early water resistance and fast dry time provide for faster application and fewer concerns for rain after application. Contractors have reported that Carboset CA-600L based coatings are easier to apply when used side by side with existing commercial coatings. Carboset CA-600L can be used in clears, stains and fully pigmented systems directly on cementitious substrates, in cementitious coatings, over acid stains and over substrates previously treated with latex coatings leading to greater formulation flexibility.

Regional Availability: Asia Pacific

  • Building & Construction Coatings 
  • APEO-Free
  • Low VOC
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