Digital Printing Coatings

Coatings for Digital printing are tasked with controlling ink droplet spread, or dot gain, by rapidly absorbing the ink carrier fluid, thereby leaving the colorant at or near the substrate surface. In this way, coatings deliver the improved image definition and color strength, while reducing the ink dry time and increasing the durability of the printed image for textile, film and paper applications.

Lubrizol has extensive experience in developing innovative ink receptive coatings and digital ink primers to produce images that have optimized print quality, ink drying and durability performance.

Our comprehensive range of resin technologies includes polyurethanes, acrylics, PU-acrylic hybrid and vinylic. Our background in print enables us to offer a variety of products specifically for digital ink receptive coatings for textiles, film and paper. We offer both binders for formulation and fully formulated coatings, and also work with partners to develop digital ink primer systems for a particular substrate, ink and print system. Through this combination of extensive background in the industry, in-house polymer technology, and digital applications and formulation expertise, Lubrizol is a valued partner to help develop ink receptive coatings to meet specific requirements.

As a leader in digital print solutions for textile, film and paper applications, Lubrizol’s strength is collaborating with supply chain partners to understand unique challenges and to formulate differentiated performance.


Technologies commonly used in digital printing coatings include wax additives and resins and binders.

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