Digital Printing Coatings

Digital printing primers are designed to control ink droplet spread, or dot gain, by swiftly absorbing the ink carrier fluid. This leaves the colorant at or near the substrate surface, enhancing image definition and color strength. Moreover, these coatings reduce ink dry time and increase the durability of printed images in textile, film, and paper applications.

Lubrizol boasts extensive expertise in crafting innovative components for ink-receptive coatings and digital ink primers. Our diverse range of resin technologies, including polyurethanes, acrylics, PU-acrylic hybrids, and vinylic, ensures formulating coatings for optimized print quality, ink drying, and durability. Drawing from our print background, we provide a variety of products tailored specifically for digital ink receptive coatings in textiles, film, and paper. Our offerings encompass resins and additives for formulation, as well as ready-to-use solutions suitable for different substrates, inks, and print systems, spanning water-based and UV options.

Through a combination of industry knowledge, in-house polymer technology, digital applications, and formulation expertise, Lubrizol serves as a valued partner to assist in developing ink-receptive treatments aligned with market needs.


Technologies commonly used in digital printing coatings include color dispersionswax additives and resins and binders.

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