Digital Printing Inks

Digital printing inks require unique capabilities to be able to be jetted directly onto a variety of media substrates while providing print quality that rivals that of offset printing. Formulation of the right components is essential to enable this level of quality and to achieve the benefits of digital printing, such as personalized, variable data printing, print-on-demand, cost-effective short runs and fast turnarounds.

As global experts in surface chemistry with a thorough understanding of layer interaction between substrate, coating and ink, our goal is continuous improvement of print efficiency, quality and durability, while enabling formulators to improve throughput and enhance performance. With a portfolio of dispersions, dispersants, resins and surface modifiers digital inks, Lubrizol continues to drive digital printing innovations for textile, film, paper, packaging and ceramic substrates.

Diamond Dispersions™ from Lubrizol are water-based, disperse dye and pigmented dispersions for inkjet ink that are formulated with leading edge dispersant technology and processed using the latest milling technology. They are available worldwide and designed to deliver a variety of solutions across a number of digital print industries, including textiles and numerous packaging applications, and printing on card, paper and film.

Lubrizol has an extensive line of aqueous polymer chemistries with a range of jettable resins based on polyurethane, acrylic of hybrid technologies. These resins have been specifically developed and tested for use in inkjet inks and are sold under the Lubrijet™ tradename. They are formulated into finished inks, using other Lubrizol components, and tested in our print applications laboratories. This means we can offer formulation guidance and performance data specific to each application.

Lubrizol is a world class supplier of hyperdispersants sold under the Solsperse™ brand. Solsperse Hyperdispersants are used extensively in UV-cured, eco-solvent, solvent-based and water-based inkjet inks, as well as in a variety of other digital print technologies. Our range of products are specifically designed to help disperse and stabilize pigments at small particle size, which means more efficient ink production and more stable inks with better print performance.

Surface modifiers can successfully be used in inkjet inks to improve ink rub resistance and improve slip/blocking issues. Lubrizol offers products suitable for water-based inkjet inks together with formulating and application advice.


Technologies commonly used in digital printing inks include color dispersionsdispersants, resins, and wax additives.

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