Analog Printing Inks

Analog printing inks (be they offset, gravure, flexo or screen) are relied on in multiple applications to deliver key end-use performance properties to the print and packaging markets, including color, gloss, durability, abrasion resistance, slip, and safety. Analog printing processes enable high print quality and the ability to generate large print quantities at high speeds.

Through decades of application knowledge and technical formulating excellence, Lubrizol experts help connect chemistry and material science to highly valued end-use performance properties, creating ink resins and additives which deliver differentiated, innovative and sustainable performance.

Lubrizol dispersants offer improved coloration aesthetics, such as brightness, hue, color strength, gloss, opacity or transparency, helping to produce inks that have more pop and shelf appeal when printed. Higher pigment loadings, improved ink stability and rheological control provides for greater formulation flexibility and improved productivity.

Lubrizol waxes—wax emulsions, micronized waxes and wax dispersions—for packaging coatings and printing ink applications help provide a wide range of important surface properties, such as COF (coefficient of friction) reduction for improved slip, rub/abrasion and scratch resistance, gloss control, soft feel and water repellency. Lubrizol waxes also deliver anti-blocking properties to stop printed surfaces from sticking to other surfaces, which aids in productivity and aesthetics of prints.

We offer a wide selection of food contact compliant grades for use in food packaging applications.

Collaborating with customers to identify unique challenges, we are able to synthesize and formulate new solutions that create new opportunities in the market. No matter the end-use requirements, Lubrizol offers a range of additives for use in all ink types (solvent based, 100% solids UV, water-based) and all printing processes (flexo, gravure, offset, screen) to enhance the performance and appearance of inks for numerous needs.

We continue to innovate resins, dispersants, and wax additives, increasing their renewable content and developing products compatible with more environmentally friendly systems. We also work to further improve the cost-in-use of our dispersants for the growing energy curable market (UV/EB) and increase our range of water-based dispersants.


Technologies commonly used in analog printing inks include dispersants, resins, and wax additives.

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