Reactive Polyamides

Aptalon™ Reactive Polyamide Technology is a patented Lubrizol platform that can be used as building blocks to take products to higher levels of performance by delivering resistance to hydrolysis, chemicals, abrasion and heat. Reactive polyamides and copolymers can used to impart toughness, hardness, adhesion and durability to a diverse range of applications. Lubrizol continues to use reactive polyamide technology to develop polyurethane dispersions for water-based coatings. However, material formulators can now explore the potential benefits of this novel technology for other applications, which could include solvent-based coatings, powder coatings, urethane foams, adhesives, sealants and composites, and more. With multiple functionalities, the technology can also be used to modify thermoset resins like epoxy or phenolics and to create UV-curable products.

Aptalon Reactive Polyamide Technology is unique in its ability to be highly adaptable to deliver premium performance benefits in many types of coating systems and in a wide range of potential applications. This adaptability is achieved through our ability to engineer various functional end groups, such as hydroxyl, amine, carboxyl and vinyl terminations. We can provide customized molecular weights, control hardness and build functionalities of two, three or more.

With a range of potential applications limited only by the imagination, Lubrizol can work with customers to develop new reactive polyamide polyol chemistries tailored to meet dynamic and challenging customer requirements.


Aptalon™ reactive polyamides, polymers made from these reactive polyamides, compositions including these reactive polyamides and/or polymers, and/or methods of making/using these reactive polyamides, polymers, and/or compositions, may be covered by one or more patents or pending patent applications owned by Lubrizol.  A license may be required to utilize Aptalon reactive polyamides to manufacture, use, sell, offer to sell, or import polymers or other products made using these reactive polyamides in certain jurisdictions.

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