Acrylic Dispersions

Acrylic dispersions are surfactant-free acrylic resins used for a wide variety of coating applications. These acrylic resins are often used in coating formulations to impart robust performance benefits, including hardness, chemical resistance and corrosion inhibition.

Lubrizol offers a wide range of acrylic dispersions that bring robust, proven performance to an array of products and specialty applications, from temporary coatings to metallic inks to wood stain and more. We also work with customers to formulate customized acrylic dispersion solutions for advanced coatings that meet specific performance requirements.

Lubrizol 100%-solid resins help contribute to a reduced carbon footprint while saving on shipping costs and offering excellent formulation latitude. We work with customers to continuously develop innovative acrylic dispersions that meet ever-evolving needs and adapt existing products to meet their unique needs.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol acrylic dispersions are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Protective coatings—to deliver varying levels of hardness, and corrosion and chemical resistance based on the use life of the coating, whether a temporary coating is needed or long-lasting protection.

  • Printing inks—to confer tremendous stability in aluminum-based metallic inks and support resin.

  • General industrial—to develop temporary coatings for corrosion, hardness and chemical resistance.

  • Building & construction—to enable exceptional wood stain formulations with long open times.

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