PVC/PVDC Emulsions

PVC emulsions (polyvinyl chloride)are purpose-built for applications that need to be flame retardant and chemical, scuff and mar resistance, such as in paper, textile, composites and building materials. PVDC emulsions (polyvinylidene chloride) are used for their ability to provide a barrier to oxygen and moisture, making them well-suited for use in anti-corrosion coatings for metal.

Lubrizol has developed an extensive range of PVC emulsions that are designed for coating a wide variety of substrates and for impregnation and saturation of fibrous materials like paper, nonwovens and textiles. Our polyvinyl chloride emulsions enable coating formulations with diverse levels of hardness and can be fine-tuned to the stiffness/flexibility requirements of a wide range of surfaces—while offering a variety of physical properties for specialty applications, such as tg, stiffness and chloride content, as well as adhesion, abrasion resistance, heat sealability and flame retardant properties.

Lubrizol PVDC emulsions deliver excellent moisture barrier properties, plus emulsion stability and long product shelf life. They are well suited for use in 1K water-based primers for metal corrosion protection, with protection that rivals that delivered by 2K systems. Permax™ vinylidene chloride resins from Lubrizol provide outstanding corrosion resistance, coupled with the adhesion flexibility and durability necessary for metal coatings in industrial environments. They are fast-drying PVDC emulsions that enable greater process efficiencies, such as faster line speeds.

We also work directly with customers to enhance our PVC and PVDC chemistries as needed to meet their unique challenges.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol PVC emulsions and PVDC emulsions are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Textiles—to deliver flame retardant properties, durability, abrasion resistance and heat seal in technical textile coatings and home furnishings. We also offer custom textile formulations to meet unique customer needs.
  • Paper and nonwovens—to impart flame retardance, durability, hardness, abrasion resistance, and heat seal in engineered paper.

  • Building & constructions—to provide moisture barrier properties.

  • Protective coatings, transportation coatings and industrial OEM—to enhance corrosion protection.

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