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Acrylic Emulsions

Acrylic emulsions are inherently UV-stable polymers that are capable of forming very soft and elastic coatings suitable for pressure sensitive adhesives or roof coating formulations up to very hard, scratch and mar resistant coatings, like wood or concrete floor acrylic paints. Regardless of their many applications, acrylic emulsions must enable compliance with regulatory requirements without sacrificing performance.

Lubrizol develops and manufactures water-borne acrylic emulsions and copolymers that create high-performance coatings for a wide variety of applications. Through broad knowledge of market requirements, applications and environmental regulations together with expert support, we provide differentiated and unique solutions that produce value-added coatings and products.

Through state-of-the-art synthesis and application capabilities plus technical expertise, Lubrizol delivers customized performance and the flexibility to develop new polymers for multiple applications or to adapt acrylic resins to customer requirements. Controlled processes lead to precise morphologies, like core shell and sophisticated raw material selection, and provide exceptional self-crosslinking or formaldehyde-free technologies.

With manufacturing plants and technical facilities around the world, we can ensure regional compliance and fast response while meeting customer requests and lead times, while also offering a lower carbon footprint. We continue to develop innovative acrylic resins that improve the application process, performance and sustainability based on market insights and drivers.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol acrylic emulsions are used in paints and coatings that enable versatile formulations combining performance and appearance, such as in acrylic emulsion paint; paper and nonwovens for desired mechanical properties, barrier properties to liquids and vapors and flame resistance properties; textiles for performance properties while meeting strict regulations; printing and packaging to deliver excellent clarity, water resistance and compliance with a wide range of stringent regulations; and agriculture coatings.


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