Application - Functional Coatings

Functional Coatings

Functional coating technologies from Lubrizol optimize packaging to help meet demanding end-use requirements and processing ability. Resisting product and processing chemicals, our ready-to-use, multi-functional coatings provide barriers to grease, alkali, heat and abrasion. They also maintain the aesthetics and physical properties desired and the throughput required.

Films, metallized films and metallized papers require improved ink performance on a variety of substrates, including polyester, polypropylene and vinyl. Lubrizol's Doresco® acrylic solutions provide adhesion on substrates to accept hot stamp foil. Doresco pre- and post- metallization acrylic solutions provide the ability to high vacuum metallize paper and other substrates, providing adhesion and post-protection for a variety of applications.

Lubrizol coatings can be custom-formulated to provide the performance needed for packaging coating applications:

  • Protection - Multi-functionality enables substrate protection and resistance to a wide array of product and packaging processing chemicals.
  • Adhesion - Water-borne primers and Doresco solvent-borne acrylic solutions provide adhesion in the high-vacuum metallization and hot stamp foil processes and allow ink adhesion to difficult substrates, such as polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl.
  • Throughput - Lubrizol packaging coatings are designed with end-use processes in mind for coefficient-of-friction control and smooth operations to enable fast production throughput.

Count on Lubrizol to integrate the protection, adhesion and throughput desired into a formulated solution that meets specific performance and application needs.

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