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Lubrizol Coatings Show

Register to attend the Lubrizol Coatings Show October 27-28 - a virtual event where you can engage with our coating technologies experts.

Wax Additives Technology Video

Wax additives are commonly used in coatings and ink to achieve many performance and aesthetic capabilities. Learn more about how they function and the value they can deliver.

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Register to join Lubrizol Performance Coatings experts as we deliver a series of upcoming webinars on diverse topics.

PTFE-Alternative Surface Modifiers for Inks and Coatings

PTFE-Alternative wax additives enable ink and coating formulations with protection and aesthetic properties attained only with PTFE.

Dispersant Technology eBook

The Science Behind Hyperdispersants - An interactive experience to explore the science behind Solsperse™ Hyperdispersants

Solsperse™ W-Series Hyperdispersants

Solsperse™ W-Series Hyperdispersants bring a step-change in dispersant performance for water-borne coatings.

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Our performance coatings experts help formulators solve tough challenges and address market opportunities. View the full blog.

Application Testing Drives Success

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 09/28/2021

Application testing is an extremely important part of bringing new coatings, inks, and composites to market because it ensures that these chemistries will provide the properties customers and end users expect.

Categories: Paints & Coatings, Paper & Nonwovens, Plastics & Composites, Packaging, Printing

Optimizing the Measurement and Control of Viscosity for Consistent Quality

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 09/08/2021

Depending on coating application method, the ability to consistently control viscosity plays a vital role on the processability of a coating and then ultimately on the surface properties of the dried coating film.

Categories: Paints & Coatings

Rising To Meet Challenges of WB Pigment Dispersions

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 08/25/2021

Formulating effective pigment dispersants to reduce milling time, improve tinctorials, and improve coating properties can be a challenge—especially with new regulations that reflect a changing world.

Categories: Dispersants