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PTFE-Free Replacement Gets Smarter

In infographic format, discover how Lubrizol PTFE-free technologies for coatings and inks are enabling new opportunities for formulators to comply with new regulations.

PTFE-Alternative Surface Modifiers for Inks and Coatings

PTFE-Alternative wax additives enable ink and coating formulations with protection and aesthetic properties attained only with PTFE.

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Explore our additives for demanding ceramics applications at Ceramics UK, June 29-30, in Birmingham, UK

Wax Additives Technology Video

Wax additives are commonly used in coatings and ink to achieve many performance and aesthetic capabilities. Learn more about how they function and the value they can deliver.

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Our performance coatings experts help formulators solve tough challenges and address market opportunities. View the full blog.

Choosing The Right Dispersant for Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 10/05/2022

A conversation with Dr. Baschar Ozkan from The Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM-COE).

Categories: Dispersants

A Circular Approach - Make Better, Use Better

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 09/22/2022

This third blog article in a series on a circular approach to a sustainable future showcases how Lubrizol manufacturing processes and new capabilities for customer formulation are driving footprint and handprint benefits.

Categories: Printing, Plastics & Composites, Textiles, Packaging, Paints & Coatings, Paper & Nonwovens

Developing a Robust Consumables Package for Digital Printing

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 09/06/2022

The ability to design a synergistic consumables package (primers, inks, varnishes, etc) for inkjet printing can unlock new capabilities for diverse substrates.

Categories: Printing, Packaging, Formulated Solutions