Permax™ Vinylidene Chloride and Polyurethane Resins

Permax™ resin and binder technologies enable formulators to develop advanced water-borne coating systems for industrial metal applications that provide outstanding metal protection. Designed for use as an industrial ""direct-to-metal"" primer and barrier protection coating technology, Permax coating technologies deliver very high levels of performance, comparable to many solvent-borne systems.

• Exceptional moisture vapor transmission properties through complex polymer crystallinity improves moisture permeability and barrier protection for metals
• Outstanding corrosion protection
• Excellent resistance to chemicals
• Outstanding adhesion and film flexibility
• Single-component system delivers ease of application and handling
• Single coat application, easy clean-up and friendly EHS profile
• Ambient or low thermal curing for process flexibility and savings
• Fast throughput for labor and material savings over 2K coating systems

Polyvinylidene Chloride Emulsion Technology (PVDC)

As a polyvinylidene chloride emulsion, Permax resins and binders provide outstanding corrosion resistance and rust conversion properties while allowing formulators to market coatings with VOC capability below 100 g/l. Water-borne resin emulsions from Lubrizol are APEO-free and feature single-component polymer chemistry that offers fast dry times, chemical resistant characteristics and less waste for robust coating performance.