Water-Borne Polyurethane Dispersions

Sancure™ water-borne polyurethane dispersions are designed to enhance the properties of a wide range of substrates including wood, plastic (parts/films), metal, textile, and other surfaces. The Sancure brand represents a coatings technology of choice for many markets and applications due to its wide range of toughness, flexibility and resistance properties.

For wood surfaces, Sancure polyurethane dispersions, composites and hybrids are the first choice for protection from the environment in flooring, furniture and exterior applications, as either 1 component or 2 component finishes. Sancure polymers are often an integral part of tough, long lasting, beautiful wood finishes. The Sancure product line can also be blended with Carboset® acrylic emulsions to meet many performance requirements. Sancure technology delivers core properties that enable wood coatings to be more durable, easy to use and environmentally conscious.

For performance textiles, Sancure polyurethane dispersions are used in formulated solutions demanding a balance of physical, chemical and processing characteristics. In diverse textile types (knits, wovens, non-wovens) and in all textile-consuming industries (apparel, upholstery, household furnishings, transportation, protective, technical and other), Sancure technology helps formulators meet many textile coating challenges.

For graphic arts and flexible packaging applications, Sancure polyurethane dispersions bring the optimum in physical properties for water-based systems, offering a variety of solutions to the formulator to meet the most complex formulating issues. Sancure products balance adhesion and physical resistances, such as heat sealability, chemical, stain or abrasion resistance with flexibility and surface toughness. Performance characteristics can be further enhanced through blending with Carboset water-borne acrylic emulsion resins.

For metal, Sancure aliphatic polyurethane dispersions deliver tremendous chemical and alkali resistance when used in paints and coatings. Sancure is also used as a primary and co-blending resin in metal coating applications requiring high gloss, UV durability, and strong abrasion resistance. Exterior applications include topcoats for OEM equipment in Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE), Appliance, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, and Commercial Construction.  Interior automotive applications include surface coatings requiring soft feel and appeal as well as outstanding resistance to surface cleaners, sunscreens, and insect repellants.