Matting Agents

Matting agents are used to modify the surface properties of a paints, coatings and inks by floating to the top of the surface. They are primarily used to reduce the surface gloss, but can also provide additional mechanical propertiesWaxes based on polyethylene, polypropylene, carnauba, amide and polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) can be used as matting additives.

Lubrizol has created a variety of versatile wax additives that are used as matting agents that can be easily adjusted to meet various degrees of matting requirements in solvent- and water-borne formulations. Our matting agents control gloss and can also impart other desirable properties, such as excellent dispersibility, scratch resistance and mar resistance.

Typical Applications

Lanco™ Matt and Lanco™ LiquiMatt are the Lubrizol brand names of our matting additives. They are used in a wide breadth of paints and coatings applications like architectural interior coatings, wood floor coatings, general metal finishes, plastic coatings, as well as being used in printing inks.

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