Humectants are hygroscopic (water absorbing) substances that promote the retention of moisture in aqueous compositions. Propylene glycol and other lower molecular weight polyols have traditionally been used as humectants in water-based paints and coatings, but these materials emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which has led to the need for and development of lower-VOC versions of these additives.

Lubrizol's humectant range was originally developed to replace volatile glycols and now includes new products that contain extremely low volatile content designed for formulating low- and zero-VOC systems. Our humectants help maintain open time and wet edge, reducing drying or flaking, preventing dispenser tip dry and improving overall product reliability and performance. In water-based and universal tinting colorants, Lubrizol humectants enhance pigment wetting, dispersion stability and tint-base compatibility.

Lubrizol has decades of experience in developing additives for colorant systems. Based on this experience and our technical knowledge of resins and binders and additives, we’re able to design multi-functional additives to solve a range of challenges to improve paint and colorant formulations

Typical Applications

Lubrizol humectants are used in water-based colorants and tint pastes, as well as in water-based coatings and inks

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