Solsperse™ AC7590  

A 100% active polymeric dispersant designed for Advanced Ceramics formulations

Solsperse™ AC7590 is a 100% active polymeric dispersant that offers significant technical advantages in a range of ceramic processing methods, including tape casting, slip casting, gel casting, and additive manufacturing. Typical applications are electronic ceramics (ceramics in electronics), advanced engineered ceramics, advanced ceramics in additive manufacturing, and where superior dispersion of particles in organic solvents or UV monomer are required. The Solsperse™ AC7590 should be dissolved in the slurry solvent/monomer/oligomer before the addition of ceramic solids. Addition levels should be based on the surface area of the ceramic / filler. The dosage level is typically 2mg active dispersant per square meter of ceramic filler surface area. This is simply the surface area divided by 5.

Regional Availability: Asia Pacific EMEAI Latin America North America

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