Solsperse™ AC5120  

A partially neutralized polyacrylate dispersant for ceramic water slurries

Solsperse™ AC5120 is a partially neutralized 63% solids active polyacrylic acid dispersant in water which offers significant technical advantages in a range of ceramic processing methods, including slip casting, gel casting, spray drying, isostatic pressing, and uniaxial pressing. Solsperse™ AC5120 should be dissolved in the water and binder mixture before the addition of ceramic solids. Addition levels should be based on the surface area of the ceramic / filler. The dosage level is typically 2mg active dispersant per square meter of ceramic filler surface area. This is simply the surface area divided by 5. Small particle size / higher surface area may result in a higher dispersant demand.

Regional Availability: Asia Pacific EMEAI Latin America North America

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