Lanco™ Disperse 11 D   Wax Dispersion

Dispersing Medium Based on a Special Wetting Alkyd Resin for Use in Pigment Concentrates

Lanco™ Disperse 11 D is a highly concentrated dispersing medium primarily for use in pigment concentrates but also for coatings. The good wetting properties of Lanco Disperse 11 D make it possible to manufacture stable concentrates with a high pigment content, good flow properties and good viscosity stability. It can also be used as the sole dispersing resin for non-aqueous coating systems. Lanco Disperse 11 D is free-flowing and pumpable pastes. Pigment concentrates can be manufactured with Lanco Disperse 11 D by the normal method using dissolvers and bead mills. Very good results are obtained when Lanco Disperse 11 D is used as the sole grinding medium. The addition level depends on the type of pigment used, the concentration and the desired viscosity To manufacture pigment pastes in combination with alkyd resins approx. 2-10% of Lanco Disperse 11 D, based on total formulation, should be used.

Regional Availability: EMEAI

  • Building & Construction Coatings 
  • Industrial OEM Coatings 
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