Doresco® SA24-1 Solution Acrylic

Doresco SA24-1 is a thermoplastic styrene acrlic resin with a high glass transition temperature. It is suited to hot stamp foil applications due to the ease of which it embosses and fractures and. It is a thermoplastic styrene acrlyic polymer solution with a high Tg C that produces a film readily accepting vacuum metallization. Durability, color retention and other desirable film properties of acrylics are inherent in this polymer. The monomers selected to produce this resin were designed to create compatibility with nitrocellulose so that formulating an end product to achieve tougher films with less surface mar becomes possible.


  • Durable

Applications - Printing and Packaging

  • Security Coatings


  • Asia Pacific
  • North America

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Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet