Carboset® RPT 3033   Acrylic Emulsion

High solids, 100% acrylic, an elastomeric polymer that is ASTM D6083 and JG/T375-2012 compliant.

Carboset® RPT 3033 is a formaldehyde free high solids 100% acrylic emulsion with low ammonia emission specifically developed as an elastomeric polymer for waterproof coatings for metal roof. It is ASTM D6083 and JG/T375-2012 compliant, and can be applied over substrates such as coil roof, aged concrete, asphaltic felts, BUR, modified bitumen, and single plies, including EPDM. It can be used as a topcoat, primer or self-priming system, allowing customers to leverage a single polymer for multiple construction applications. Carboset RPT 3033 has superior tensile strength in combination with high elongation capability even at low temperatures (-30 C). This makes it a superior product for waterproof metal roof coatings, as high elongation capability enables it to withstand the mechanical stresses imposed by the substrate while its low Tg allows for a broad range of application climates. Less than 50 g/l (US) and less than 10 g/L (EU) VOC capable.

Regional Availability: Asia Pacific

  • Building & Construction Coatings 
  • APEO-Free
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • Low VOC
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