Batteries & Displays

Lubrizol technologies are commonly used in a diverse range of electronics applications, and we’re focused on delivering innovations for two growth areas – batteries and displays.


Batteries have to meet a number of challenging performance requirements. These requirements have continued to proliferate with the growth of consumer electronics in the past few decades and the emergence of electric vehicles. Lubrizol delivers innovative chemistries—including battery coatings and battery separators—to support battery formulators to overcome new design and performance challenges.

The Electro-Rite® portfolio was born through these unique technologies and continuous investment in battery and electrode coatings. From this commitment to innovation, Electro-Rite® product lines are aligned with technology and environmental demands and offer a range of advanced technologies for constructing state-of-art lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Electro-Rite® technology consists of a range of electrochemical stable products that allow the use of higher concentrations of active ingredients, increasing energy density and battery life at competitive costs.


From the latest flexible displays for mobile devices to advanced touchscreen capabilities in monitors, Lubrizol is helping formulators integrate new performance capabilities. Our resins, dispersants, and wax additive technologies enable formulators to develop new inks and films that solve some of the toughest challenges for displays.

We combine our unique technologies that focus on rheology control, dispersion stability and controlled molecular weight binders to give freedom to battery and display formulators to operate with the most innovative chemistries at higher concentrations at the correct viscosity profile.


Lubrizol technologies commonly used for battery and display applications include dispersants, resins & binders, and wax additives.

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