Doresco® Acrylic Resins

Doresco® acrylic resins are designed for high performance applications in the printing and packaging, industrial metal and specialty construction markets.

Doresco lacquers, adhesion promoters and release products enhance the performance of coatings used in hot stamp foil (HSF) applications.  When incorporated into HSF lacquers, Doresco engineered polymers help boost key attributes. High glass transition temperatures (Tg) impart thermal stability to improve durability during shaping operations. For films that will be embossed for special effects, Doresco additives increase hardness levels, resulting in greater chip and mar resistance. Other benefits include high optical clarity, impressive gloss and superior color retention. The end result is greater package design freedom and a strong shelf presence.

Doresco adhesion materials can be used to strengthen both the adhesive and embossing layers of HSF constructions. They are particularly useful in applications in which the adhesion layer substrate has a low surface energy, such as PP, TPO, Nylon, Noryl, etc. Doresco adhesion promoters can be readily customized to meet the needs of other challenging substrates or applications.

Used as tape liners in pressure-sensitive adhesives and in release liners for transfer printing, Doresco release coatings can be combined with traditional release coat waxes to optimize film transfer.

In industrial metal applications Doresco polymers provide the gloss, chemical resistance, adhesion and long-term durability necessary to meet the toughest aesthetic and protection requirements.

In specialty construction Doresco polymers provide toughness and flexibility for interior and exterior applications. Upon aging, air dried applications will exhibit the same end properties as baked systems.