Performance, Simplicity, and Sustainability for Inks and Coatings

Posted by Performance Coatings Team on 02/26/2020

When it comes to formulating inks and coatings, there’s a seemingly infinite range of desired attributes from which to choose – some simple to attain and some significantly more complicated. Often times, tweaking the chemistry to achieve one desired result means sacrificing on another, only adding to the complexity. Having the right supplier can make all the difference in the world.

With a passion for collaboration and customer intimacy, Lubrizol helps ink and coating formulators achieve success through our dedication to critical areas, including innovative technology, technical support, product reliability, security of supply, and overall customer experience. These are key reasons customers can count on Lubrizol to add value and make the difference. But it’s our innovative technology where we really shine.

Innovative Technology

Supported by decades of experience in dispersion, adhesion, surface protection, and barrier properties, Lubrizol is committed to market-driven innovation of specialty chemical solutions that can bring a unique combination of performance, simplicity, and sustainability benefits to inks and coatings.


During new product development, we first demand that any new technology delivers a true performance enhancement to meet and exceed market needs. This may be aesthetic-based with a focus on improving the visual impact of surfaces and substrates, such as color development, gloss control, smoothness, texturing and feel properties. It may be durability-based, where we focus on delivering chemical and physical resistance properties beyond the capability of currently available products in the market. Or it may be function-based, where the market demands new capability around rheology control, adhesion, barrier protection or other property.


Our innovation focus may also be aimed at providing new levels of formulation or application efficiency. Often, we strive to boost ease-of formulation benefits that customers want – such as enabling formulation flexibility and compatibility with a broad range of ingredients and additives. Or perhaps ease-of-use benefits are desired during the application process - such as one-component (1K), fast dry, or multi-substrate compatibility.


As a corporation, Lubrizol has a long-standing commitment to operate ethically and responsibly while creating value for our stakeholders and society. We take our commitment very seriously and accept our role to help make the world a better place. This philosophy drives our innovation process, where we focus on developing sustainable products and services that enable our customers to advance their sustainability goals and objectives.


For every product we create, we strive to reduce the energy consumed, the waste generated, the renewable and nonrenewable resources consumed, and the persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic substances used and/or created. For inks and coatings, we innovate technologies that are safer to use, such as water-borne, lower VOC, and hazardous-chemical free. Throughout our history, we’ve helped lead the development of self-crosslinking acrylics and PUDs, water-based acrylics and PUDs, water-based pigment dispersion, renewable sourced amide waxes, and much more.


At Lubrizol Performance Coatings, our innovation process will continue to focus on delivering performance, simplicity, and sustainability benefits for customers. Our motto is WHAT WE ADD MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.TM – and it’s something that constantly drives us to improve all the ways we touch customers and end users. Count on Lubrizol to make the difference in your next formulation.

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