Green Chemistry Principles: Role in R&D and Manufacturing

Posted by Mathilde Allegre on 11/16/2023

Green chemistry principles have been a core part of Lubrizol Life Science - Beauty and our R&D and manufacturing processes for decades. Designed to minimize the impact of chemicals on human health and on the environment, these principles guide our innovation and deliver new products and technology with more renewable content, fewer raw materials and reduced environmental impact.

Recent examples of the integration of green chemistry principles into our beauty solutions include our Carbopol® Aqua polymer, Carbopol® powder and Pemulen™ polymers, each incorporating these 10 principles:  

  • Waste prevention
  • Atom economy
  • Less hazardous chemical syntheses
  • Designing safer chemicals
  • Safer solvents and auxiliaries
  • Design for energy efficiency
  • Reduce derivatives
  • Catalysis
  • Real-time analysis for pollution prevention
  • Inherently safer chemistry for accident prevention

The two remaining green chemistry principles – use of renewable feedstock and design for degradation – will be addressed in our next generation of polymers launching in 2024.

These latest examples build on green chemistry that’s been incorporated through the years in the manufacturing of our active ingredients and used in our botanical extraction processes. Eight green chemistry principles are part of the manufacturing of Argireline™ Amplified peptide and Uplevity™ peptide solution, while our extraction process using Phenobio™ subcritical water (SW) technology for botanicals significantly reduces environmental impact in comparison to standard methods. A comparative study on green tea SW extraction with conventional extraction methods had the following results:

  • 7x shorter extraction time
  • 25% less feedstocks
  • No chemical solvent used
  • 60% water savings
  • 25% energy savings
  • Compostable waste

These sustainability benefits inspire our team to continue researching new ways to implement green chemistry into our R&D and manufacturing processes to provide greener solutions for future generations. Our team looks forward to sharing more of our latest efforts.

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