Lubrizol Reaches 5-Year Milestone for Sustainable Palm Index Compliance

Posted by Mathilde Allegre on 01/04/2023

For the fifth year, Lubrizol is compliant with the Sustainable Palm Index (SPI), a scorecard that evaluates the sourcing practices for palm-based ingredients. As a manufacturer of palm-derived and RSPO Mass Balance certified thickeners, humectants, emulsifiers, esters and surfactants, maintaining compliance with the SPI shows our continued commitment to sustainable practices.

The SPI evaluates levels of sustainable sourcing practices (NDPE principles) in the areas of commitment, process and achievement. The assessment includes a self-disclosure questionnaire that is independently verified, with a supplier needing 68 out of 100 points to be considered compliant.

We are proud to have initially reached compliance in 2018, an achievement we had been working towards since our first evaluation in 2016. Lubrizol has maintained compliance every year since, despite an increasingly challenging questionnaire. The evaluation is updated annually to align with market evolutions, stakeholders’ expectations and level of supplier progress.

Compliance demonstrates Lubrizol’s commitment to sustainable sourcing practices for our palm-based ingredients and commitment to continuously improving as market trends and regulations evolve. This also benefits our strategic customers who seek suppliers with compliant practices to achieve their sustainability goals.

Learn more about how we are setting our direction toward a sustainable future.

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