Focusing on Upcycled Ingredients with LLS

Posted by Mathilde Allegre on 07/04/2022

In recent years, consumer priorities have shifted from wanting organic and all-natural beauty products to a more holistic and broader view of sustainability. Within this shift, our team is seeing a rising interest in the global circular economy, led by the use of upcycled ingredients, where natural resources are better used, and waste is eliminated.

At Lubrizol Life Science - Beauty, one of our long-term strategic goals is to help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their formulations. As part of achieving that goal, our team has incorporated upcycled elements into product development for several years. For example:     

  • Upcycled feedstocks are used for the design of our ingredients whenever possible.
  • By-products from the food, spice and paper industries are transformed through Phenobio™ subcritical water technology to create selected Actismart™ SW botanical extracts.
  • Some of our natural exfoliants are derived from the food and beverage industry.
  • By-products of internal manufacturing processes are used to generate highly efficacious active ingredients, including our advanced botanical line.

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