Lubrizol Life Cycle Analysis Approach

Posted by Mathilde Allegre on 11/17/2022

Environmental sustainability is a top priority for Lubrizol. As part of this focus, we’ve identified two key areas in which to devote our attention:

  • Maximizing our handprint: Providing products and solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ and consumers’ performance and sustainability goals.
  • Minimizing our footprint: Producing our products in a safe, efficient and responsible manner that minimizes our carbon footprint and preserves and protects natural resources.

To achieve these goals, we take a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach that provides us with transparency over our processes and products. This transparency helps us identify hotspots and opportunities to make informed sustainability decisions and pushes us towards continuous improvement.

We have used this approach since the early 2000s, utilizing a mix of internal resources and external consultants to conduct LCAs for our products based on international standards. We also regularly look for ways to improve and since 2019 have invested in a combination of leading-edge software and dedicated scientists to enhance our efforts with the intention of bringing life-cycle thinking to everything we do.

As part of this work, Lubrizol Life Science Beauty reviewed their key product lines, including the Carbopol® polymer, Merquat™ polymer and Glucamate™ thickener, and we are building a raw material mapping database. This information is intended to support our customers’ environmental goals by working collaboratively to provide and develop data on existing and new products. It will also help our partners reach their global Scope 3 reduction targets and contribute to the environmental impact assessments of their formulations.

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