Lubrizol Practices Green Chemistry

Posted by Mathilde Allegre on 07/28/2021

Chemistry is essential to the manufacturing of personal care beauty products; Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty believes in doing it as cleanly and sustainably as possible. That’s why we have adopted the principles of green chemistry. 

The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry were created in 1991 as guidelines to minimize the impact of chemicals on human health and eliminate contamination of the environment. They are: 
• Waste prevention
• Atom economy
• Less hazardous chemical syntheses
• Designing safer chemicals
• Safer solvents and auxiliaries
• Design for energy efficiency
• Reduce derivatives
• Catalysis
• Real-time analysis for pollution prevention
• Inherently safer chemistry for accident prevention
• Use renewable feedstock
• Design for degradation

When practiced as a matter of corporate policy, green chemistry delivers new products and technology with more renewable content, fewer raw materials and reduced environmental impact.

For example, our manufacturing process for Carbopol® and Pemulen™ polymers follows 10 of the 12 Green Chemistry principles and the next generation of those ingredients will be made through processes that follow all 12.

Another popular ingredient, Argireline® Amplified peptide, is biodegradable and made using amino acids from natural sources. The manufacturing process is optimized to increase safety and produce less waste.     

These are only a few examples of our commitment to Green Chemistry. LLS Beauty constantly researches new ways to become even more sustainable and partners with clients to help them achieve their sustainability goals. 

For more information on LLS Beauty’s commitment to sustainability, please click here

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