Carbopol® and Pemulen™ polymers made according to Green Chemistry Principles

Posted by Elena Cañadas on 01/22/2021

The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry were created in 1991 as guidelines to minimize the impact of chemicals on human health and eliminate contamination of the environment.

Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty has made the principles a core of its R&D activities. Following them guides our innovation and delivers new products and technology with more renewable content, fewer raw materials and reduced environmental effect.

Our adherence to the Green Chemistry Principles is evident in how we manufacture Carbopol® Aqua, Carbopol® powder and Pemulen polymers. Our polymer manufacturing processes address 10 of the principles. They are:

  • Waste prevention
  • Atom economy
  • Less hazardous chemical syntheses
  • Designing safer chemicals
  • Safer solvents and auxiliaries
  • Design for energy efficiency
  • Reduce derivatives
  • Catalysis
  • Real-time analysis for pollution prevention
  • Inherently safer chemistry for accident prevention

The two remaining principles – use of renewable feedstock and design for degradation – are addressed in future developments.

We will continue to research and adopt ways to improve sustainability in our processes and products. To learn more about LLS and sustainability, click here.     
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