Sustainability is a value and a responsibility shared by every function, business, and employee at Lubrizol. We view sustainability holistically and well beyond ESG.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

Our corporate mission is to deliver Sustainable Solutions that ‘advance mobility, improve wellbeing and enhance modern life’.

We are focused on reducing our own impact on the planet, but also on designing the products that solve the sustainability challenges of our customers.

Lubrizol Life Science Beauty creates Sustainable Solutions around 4 pillars, delivering positive impact without sacrificing performance.

Biodegradability & Naturality

Natural or derived natural (ISO 16128-1)
Designed for biodegradability


Eco-designed Processes

Develop the processes that are safe and with low environmental impact

Sustainable Sourcing

Traceability & transparency, biodiversity preservation, human rights

From our Blog

Lubrizol's XGOzuki Challenge Helping to Restore the High Andes

Posted by Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D. | 06/19/2024

Across the globe, efforts are being made to address the issue of climate change. One shining example of this can be found in South America’s high Andes, with the reforestation initiative called Acción Andina. This grassroots project, coordinated by One Tree Planted and Global Forest Generation, is the first multi-country, large-scale initiative to re-plant the tress in the high-altitude native forests of the region.

Categories: Skin Care, Sustainability

Pushing Sustainable Makeup Boundaries

Posted by Paola Pérez | 05/08/2024

Beauty consumers are no longer satisfied with traditional sustainable makeup products. They are seeking more than just ethical sourcing and natural ingredients, expecting makeup that not only aligns with their values but also offers a wide range of colors, formats and textures to express themselves. Responding to this demand, the Lubrizol Life Science Beauty team has developed a collection of formulations that combine sustainability with performance and versatility.

Categories: Skin Care, Sustainability

Driving Innovation: Performance and Sustainability in Rheology Modifiers

Posted by Jessica Becker | 04/11/2024

Formulating beauty products has become increasingly challenging due to strict regulations, rising customer expectations, and the growing demand for sustainable solutions. Lubrizol has successfully developed a breakthrough solution to address these challenges.

Categories: Skin Cleansing, Sustainability

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

Posted by Mathilde Allegre | 03/21/2024

Here at Lubrizol, our corporate mission is to deliver Sustainable Solutions that ‘advance mobility, improve wellbeing and enhance modern life’.

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing, Sustainability

Meeting the Need: Sustainable Beauty Ingredients

Posted by Carolina Ferrarezi Da Fonseca | 02/05/2024

Consumer focus on sustainability continues to grow, yet frustration in finding products that match this interest remains prevalent. As a result, beauty brands have the opportunity to develop sustainably sourced products that potentially become the holy grail of beauty purchases for consumers.

Categories: Skin Care, Hair Care, Sustainability

Eco-friendly and Gentle Alternative to Retinoids

Posted by Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D. | 12/05/2023

Retinoids have long been the go-to solution for those seeking flawless, radiant skin. However, their side effects, including skin irritation, have been a major concern. Lubrizol has an innovative solution that promises to revolutionize your skincare routine.

Categories: Skin Care, Sustainability