Meeting the Need: Sustainable Beauty Ingredients

Posted by Carolina Ferrarezi Da Fonseca on 02/05/2024

Consumer focus on sustainability continues to grow, yet frustration in finding products that match this interest remains prevalent. As a result, beauty brands have the opportunity to develop sustainably sourced products that potentially become the holy grail of beauty purchases for consumers.

A recent NIQ survey highlighted in the article, “Growing Sustainable Beauty Trends for Emerging Brands in 2023,” noted that 69 percent of consumers say sustainability has become more important to them over the last two years, while 1 in 4 consumers believes companies are not making it easy for them to act in this way. Forty-five percent of consumers also said that responsible sourcing is one of the most important sustainability claims.

On the flipside, formulators have also been frustrated, finding it a challenge to locate rheology modifiers and thickeners that are not only sustainable, but also have the right sensory and efficacy to give consumers an ideal product experience.

As part of our continued efforts to develop sustainable, problem-solving ingredients, the LLS Beauty team has introduced Sensomer™ Tara polymer, a multifunctional, biodegradable, natural film former and thickener with excellent sensory and synergistic behavior with other thickeners.

COSMOS approved, vegan suitable and microbiome friendly, Sensomer™ Tara polymer is also readily biodegradable (according to OECD 301F), NOC 100% (according to ISO 16128) and obtained by a 100% mechanical process undertaken on the Tara endosperm, giving it a high-sustainability profile.

In skin and sun care applications, Sensomer™ Tara polymer helps to create high viscosity formulations with great spreadability.  It brings a silky soft feel with no drag or stickiness, while its creamy texture provides good pickup with no stringiness. In hair care, it provides styling and conditioning sensory, and has anti-pollution properties, preventing the adhesion of particles. It is suitable for conditioners, leave-on treatments, styling, and color care applications. 
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