UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals PosterLubrizol’s  Compass plan goals are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Recently, the United Nations Environmental Programme published its Blueprint for Business Leadership on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With this Blueprint and the SDG's in mind, Lubrizol asks two crucial questions:

  • Where can we make a positive impact?
  • Can we partner with others for positive impact?

Answering these questions has helped to chart our course toward our goals and to bring other valued partners with us on the journey. See how we, along with our Corporate parent, The Lubrizol Corp., are aligning our Business Actions with the UN Environmental Programme’s Blueprint for Business Leadership on the Sustainable Development Goals. As we reach our goals of offering more products with increased natural and renewable content and reduced lifecyle impact, we help our customers to reach their sustainability goals as well. Enhanced engagement with our suppliers enables us to ensure that our raw materials are responsibly harvested and sustainably sourced. 


Decent Work and Economic Growth
With a goal to reduce workplace injuries by 30%, Lubrizol promotes safe and secure working conditions and the continuous improvement of worker safety.
Responsible Consumption and Production
The Lubrizol Life Science, beauty R&D team has incorporated the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry into their day to day activities to increase the natural content of ingredients, reduce the amount of materials used and choose lower impact processes. Manufacturing processes, like Biointec™ Fermentation and extraction, use less energy and water and generate less waste.
Life Below Water
Based on the fate and transport properties of our ingredients in wash-off applications, and assessment of potential risk to the environment, we ensure that our polymers do not harm the environment.
Life on Land
With the transition to RSPO certified feed stock and commitment to Mass Balance Certification, we are working with suppliers to reduce palm deforestation and natural habitats. Our Biointec™ Fermentation process allows us to grow the microorganism raw materials we need in the lab and preserve biodiversity.