Respecting Biodiversity – Biointec™ Fermentation

As natural ingredients see higher consumer demand, the need to preserve biodiversity to meet that demand increases as well. Lubrizol and Lipotec Active Ingredients offer a broad range of natural botanical and marine extract products. Respecting the biodiversity of their origins is a priority under UNSDG 15 “Life on Land.”  That is why Lubrizol and Lipotec have perfected a fermentation process that requires only a small sample of a natural microorganisms and leverages their natural abilities to multiply, eliminating the need for additional harvesting.   

Lubrizol’s Biointec™ Fermentation reduces water consumption, involves little to no land usage, preserves biodiversity, uses clean fermentation technology with no toxic solvents, generates little waste, is GMO-free, biodegradable and EcoCert- and Cosmos-Certified.

Life on Land

Biointec™ Fermentation Infographic

Biointec Fermentation