Sustainable Beauty Products That Reduce Water Usage

Posted by Paola Pérez on 11/03/2022

It’s impossible to ignore the headlines. Persistent drought conditions are being experienced all over the world, impacting agriculture on a global scale and even revealing fossils and historic artifacts as waters recede.

In traditional beauty formulations, water represents over 65% of traditional cleansing formulations, 55% of traditional hair care formulations and 35% of traditional skin care formulations. With climate change affecting the natural water cycles, waterless beauty will shift from a novel idea to a necessity. 

In fact, the data is already there. Eighty-seven percent of shoppers would like to see more beauty brands develop a waterless product. Brands need to start including products in their portfolios that have water-saving benefits.

Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty has introduced a complete line of waterless formulations. Beauty Beyond H2O is a full line of cleansing, skin care and hair care that creates a “hair to toe” beauty routine. This line not only has zero water in the formulations, but also minimizes water use for the final consumer. Beauty Beyond H2O formulations require no rinsing or minimal water, use less product to achieve the same results and come in travel-friendly and zero-waste, recyclable or reusable packaging.

The complete line includes:

  • Jelly Cleanser Oil
  • Surprise Shower Powder
  • Flip-me Algae Bar Shampoo
  • Algae Oil Solid Hair Mask
  • Instant Nourishing Hair and Scalp Oil Serum
  • Waterless Facial Moisturizing Bar
  • All Mineral Anhydrous Fluid Sunscreen

To learn more about Beauty Beyond H2O or request a kit, visit

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