Celebrating Diversity: Beauty that Includes All

Posted by Paola Pérez on 06/01/2022

Recent events have permanently elevated the role of brands and companies as a force for good in society, particularly in diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I). The World Economic Forum Agenda 2021 stated: “It’s been an extraordinary time, full of conversations, pledges, activities and acts of goodwill. Typically, following a heightened flurry of activity like this, interest dies down and progress stalls. But this is not another passing moment – and it’s up to all of us to ensure this time is different.”

As the quote above references, many have recently been part of the conversation around DE&I, with some already making changes, providing hope to consumers that talks will lead to positive change for the benefit of all beauty consumers.

Brands are making efforts to be more inclusive in advertisements, adding diversity across all levels within their companies and beginning to offer products for all ethnicities. Women from different ethnicities are making their voices heard by creating their own lines of beauty and skincare products. Exciting new things, but with more work to be done.

At LLS Beauty, we are trying to do our part to build an equal and inclusive world. We use our science as a force for good, for equality, creating beauty solutions for all people. Our Foresee LabTM  is also analyzing the macro social value of equality, as an axis for envisioning future trends in the beauty industry.

For example, when considering diversity and inclusion, authentic brand values are key. “When you couple the unbalanced fundamentals of dermatology with the team of mostly white people within research, product development and marketing for skincare brands, it is no surprise that 63% of women of color feel their skincare products aren’t for them,” as noted in an inclusivity report from an LLS Beauty internal platform. A brand that doesn’t live out its values risks the collateral effects of negative brand perception and lost consumer trust. 

As brands look to better live out their values around DE&I, two changes that will become essential are reflecting all consumers in advertising and developing products that meet the needs of all ethnicities. To help inform product development, we are beginning a series in this blog on Celebrating Diversity. The first several posts will focus on Foresee LabTM research findings and insights on the unmet beauty needs of people of color. Topics will include:

  • White cast in sun care.
  • Skin oiliness, a common concern around the world.
  • Celebrating natural hair.
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