Online Beauty Conversations: The People Behind the Posts

Posted by Paola Pérez on 11/16/2021

Whether it’s sharing their favorite products, posting a video of their latest makeup routine, or venting about something they don’t like about the brands they use, beauty consumers are regularly sharing on social media and influencing consumer buying habits.

Foresee Labwithin Lubrizol Life Science - Beauty, in partnership with our internal Consumer and Market Insights Department, recently analyzed 20 million digital posts from social platforms, forums and product reviews, using the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and human analysis.

As part of the study, we uncovered four main types of beauty consumers who contribute to online conversations. They include:

  • The Personal Brand Builder has an online presence dedicated to makeup with the intent of building their brand and/or business in the category. They are key thought leaders in the cosmetic space; they lead trends and set example behaviors. Targeting this profile, we created “The Essentialist” makeup look to help them look their best throughout the day.  
  • The Personal Hobbyist gets joy from their relationship with makeup and wants to add to their knowledge. The willingness to expand their knowledge and collection of cosmetics makes them highly receptive to social influence and new trends. With this persona in mind, we developed “The Hobbyist” makeup look that includes formulations that every makeup junkie loves to have in their cosmetic bag.
  • The Simple Everyday User has a basic routine for everyday use that is efficient and serves its intended purpose. They are seeking reliable products they feel confident will live up to claims; they’re likely to be set in their habits and not open to change. They wear makeup to look and feel good. That is why we created “The Learnist” makeup look that features formulations that help boost confidence and don’t leave the consumer feeling like they are wearing too much makeup.
  • The Inexperienced Buyer has limited knowledge, but a desire to improve upon what they know. They seek guidance and are very willing to learn; their behaviors and decisions are often based on advice from others. This eagerness to learn means they are seeking out advice from online influencers and people they know who fall into the above-mentioned beauty consumer categories and trying products they recommend.

Type of beauty consumer is the first of several study findings our team is excited to share with you in coming weeks. Each finding can shape how your brand reaches and connects with consumers. Contact us to learn more.

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