Shaping the Future of Beauty

Posted by Paola Pérez on 11/12/2021

Keeping up with the ever-changing beauty landscape can be difficult and time-consuming. Market influences and drivers are coming from all directions – the environment, economy, technology, media, even shifting demographics. And while there’s no shortage of industry experts, trend watchers and market data, there is a shortage of time and resources to tap into them. So, how can brands stay ahead of it?

A new resource, Foresee Lab™ at Lubrizol Life Science Beauty, not only gives brands a clear picture of the future of beauty, it ties in the consumer insights expertise and cross-functional science team they need to shape the future of beauty today. This combination allows Foresee Lab™ to inspire innovation and spark creativity that enables our customers to enrich their businesses, as well as the lives of those they serve.

It all begins with a well-grounded understanding of social macro trends. Through environmental scanning and morphological analysis, Foresee Lab™ has developed a comprehensive beauty trend model that tracks trending social values ranging from inclusivity and individuality to progress and sustainability.

In partnership with consumer and market insight experts, Foresee Lab™ helps to leverage key market and consumer insights locally and globally. This feedback combines with a unique set of technical capabilities to enable new growth opportunities. For example, an online product review analysis platform uses AI to spot millions of consumer reviews across different beauty segments and agile video analysis captures consumer behavior for quick feedback of ideas and concepts.

Foresee Lab™ then connects these future trends and consumers' insights with the most innovative and substantiated portfolios of active and functional ingredients in the beauty industry that LLS Beauty offers. These differentiated solutions enhance performance, deliver esthetic benefits, and provide a superior sensory experience to help consumers live a more beautiful life.

The result: forward-thinking beauty solutions that combine trends, insights and skin-science expertise, along with a pipeline of ideas to inspire product development teams. Learn more about Foresee Lab™.

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