Online Beauty Conversations: What Consumers Want

Posted by Paola Pérez on 12/02/2021

Learning from consumers has never been easier, thanks to social media and the willingness of individuals to share with their followers their makeup dos and don’ts and what they want in their beauty products. However, sorting through all the feedback can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

In this second post in our Online Beauty Conversations series, our team looks at what consumers are repeatedly looking for in all types of beauty and color cosmetic products. Regardless of type of beauty consumer, study results showed three recurring needs when it comes to makeup and beauty products:

  • Brands aligned with my values: Consumers want to support brands that create products for all races, gender identities, and orientations. This is so they can feel that their money is spent in a way that aligns with their values. They will buy products from brands that promote inclusivity/diversity.
  • Complex steps turned into a simple experience: When consumers attempt a specific or difficult style of makeup, they want the experience to be accessible, no matter their skill level. This is so they can express their artistry and achieve the previously unachievable.
  • Getting price for value: In considering a makeup purchase or building their collection consumers want to feel the price is worth the product formula, size, or packaging they seek. This is so they can expand or refill their collection without spending for a low-quality experience. If they cannot find smaller offerings or an affordable price for their ideal selection, they may substitute in other products.

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