2021 Trend: Enhancing Health With Beauty

Posted by Paola Pérez on 02/25/2021

Protecting ourselves from viruses is top of mind with the current pandemic, but consumer interest in protection from bacteria and pollution is also growing. And that concern is only expected to increase.

As a result, the LLS Foresee Lab envisions that by 2023 face, body and hair formulations with antipollution, antiviral and antibacterial properties will be mainstream. For example, silver could become a key ingredient because of its bacteria-killing properties.

Reactive and responsive products that adapt to the environment – from heat to high humidity and extreme cold – as well as to pollution levels will also change consumers’ expectations. Time-release technology that provides a smart shield to skin and hair will be the future, delivering a customized dose of protection depending on the skin’s condition on that day.

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