2022 Beauty Trends: The Wellness Revolution

Posted by Paola Pérez on 01/18/2022

As we look to the new year, the Foresee Lab™ at Lubrizol Life Science Beauty has envisioned future trends to determine what people will want from their beauty products in 2022. In the first of two posts, we take a closer look at two trends related to wellness and beauty:

1. The beauty routine will evolve from wellness to self-care.

This shift will be essential as ongoing challenges push society to seek restorative rituals. For example, the mental health challenges of the recent pandemic paired with other day-to-day stresses have made people more aware of their physical and emotional states. They are adopting habits to safeguard their well-being as they prepare for a new era. Consumers want products that can help them combat beauty challenges arising from an extreme period of stress, including the effects of less sleep and increased anxiety.

2. Psycho-dermatology products will be used to combat stress and anxiety.

Technology that helps minimize stress and anxiety, internally and externally, will be incorporated into psycho-dermatology products in which active ingredients, textures and scents are key. Technology will also be used to explore the impact of psychological and physical stress on skin cells, along with their effect on skin and hair. Leading this trend will be the study of  neuroscience, microbiomes and biotech. In addition, technology in skincare, makeup and haircare products that protect against pollution and blue light will become the norm with the inclusion of ingredients that maintain the integrity and balance of the skin microbiota.

Contact us to learn more about how these findings can benefit your brand. Be on the lookout for what’s next in the 2022 Beauty Trends series.

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