2022 Beauty Trends: The Discerning Beauty Shopper

Posted by Paola Pérez on 01/31/2022

Whether they want to understand the science behind results before buying, reduce the number of products they use, or are buying only from brands that put purpose over profit, consumers will become more selective in their purchases and manufacturers more purpose-driven in the production. In the second of our 2022 Beauty Trends series, we look at each of these recent shifts and what they mean for the new year.

Evolved Conscious Beauty

From conscious beauty, which is defined as an integrated understanding of consumers’ needs and the environment around them, to a new consciousness that focuses on purpose more than profit, consumers want a holistic approach to sustainability that encompasses social, environmental and economic value.

This newly evolved consciousness provides several areas of opportunity for beauty formulators, including using ingredients derived from nature, reducing life cycle environmental impact and being third-party certified. There is also opportunity to use ingredients that offer high efficacy, sensory and stability at a lower dosage. Testing formulations on different skin and hair types, genders and ages will be more important, too.


Science-Backed Beauty

People want to feel hopeful now more than ever and one small way consumers are doing that is by purchasing science-backed, results-driven beauty products they are confident will provide the effect they are looking for. From skincare that protects against cellular aggressors to moisturizers that work deeper into the skin, interest in these evidence-backed products is growing. 

As science-backed beauty moves to the forefront, innovation opportunities for R&D teams include using high-tech ingredients grown in the lab for new skincare solutions. These include biotech actives that go beyond skin-deep to target genes, bioengineered ingredients that use fermentation and working with the circadian cycle to offset the impact of lack of sleep and hormonal changes in the skin.


Simplicity is Beauty

Increasingly, society has zero tolerance for unsustainable habits, driving a shift to minimalism in beauty routines and formulations. Multistep routines are being replaced by concentrated products that address multiple concerns in one bottle and take “skinimalism” to the extreme.

As simplicity trends upward, formulators can innovate by using minimal ingredients in a product. By selecting multifunctional ingredients, manufacturers can eliminate ingredients, which makes for a more sustainable product while also saving money. Also, developing multifunctional, results-driven final products will be essential.

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