Pharmaceutical Webinars from Lubrizol Life Science Health

LLS Health is dedicated to sharing our extensive market knowledge and technical expertise to help our partners improve patient outcomes.

Oral Suspension

Enabling Differentiated Oral Suspensions

This webinar covers regulatory, chemistry, formulation aspects of Carbopol® polymers. Learn more about the rheological aspects including yield value and understanding of permanent suspensions. The LLS Health team takes you through taste masking theory, provides additional application areas to consider, and showcases case studies to highlight the theory to practice path.

Oral Solid

Enabling Oral Solid Innovation

This webinar focuses on the development of extended release oral dosage products using Carbopol® Polymers, highlighting formulation and processing considerations. Discover formulation case studies for leading APIs, such as tablet size reduction to increase productivity and patient compliance. Learn more about Carbopol® polymers chemistry and regulatory status.

Topical Cream

Enabling Value Added Topical Formulations

This webinar covers regulatory considerations and chemical classification of Carbopol® polymers. Learn about the role of thickening, viscosity and rheology – flow properties, thixotropy and yield value for your topical formulations. Discover formulation, processing and stability considerations from R&D to production scale