Novel Solubility-Enhancing Excipients for Oral and Injectable Drug Products

Poorly water-soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) pose one of the most common challenges in drug product development today. Over half of marketed APIs and as many as 90 percent of new drug candidates suffer from solubility challenges, limiting their therapeutic effect and hindering innovation. While there are solubility-enhancing techniques and excipients available, traditional options often suffer from poor effectiveness, complex manufacturing, or negative patient side effects.

In this webinar, Nick DiFranco, Joey Glassco, and Liliana Miinea introduce two patented, solubility-enhancing excipients: Apinovex™ Polymers for oral amorphous solid dispersions and Apisolex™ Polymers for injectable formulations. The featured speakers will explain how these polymers enable scalable, reproducible manufacturing of drug products and present case study data on solubility enhancement. Webinar attendees will also learn how Apinovex and Apisolex polymers enable intellectual property (IP) protection and lifecycle management with 505(b)(2) filings.

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