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Integrated Approach

The Advantages of an Integrated Approach to Medtech Development

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 11/10/2021

OEMs and startups alike increasingly see the advantages of working with an integrated medical device development provider that can support projects from concept to commercialization.

Categories: Medical Devices
Patient-Centric Drug Development

Addressing the Challenges of Patient-Centric Drug Development

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 10/26/2021

The need to consistently place the patient at the center of development and manufacturing decisions has been key in the pharma industry. Lubrizol Life Science Health explores the meaning of patient centricity and key considerations that pharmaceutical companies should bear in mind to ensure successful development of a truly patient-centric drug product.

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Device Makers Face New Challenges Under EU MDR

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 10/25/2021

The EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) that went into effect May 26, 2021, presents a number of challenges for medical device manufacturers, especially makers of implantable and invasive devices.

Categories: Medical Devices, Regulatory

More than Materials: A Risk-Based Framework for Biocompatibility Assessment

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 10/13/2021

The safety of a medical device is of utmost concern and importance at all times during its development, manufacturing, regulatory submission and use. One critical step in establishing the safety of a device is to evaluate how the device interacts with the body. Device makers’ materials suppliers may be helpful in conducting the evaluations at both the material and device levels.

Categories: Medical Devices, Regulatory
Mucoadhesion formulation

Guide: Initial Formulation Considerations for Mucoadhesive Drug Products

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 10/07/2021

In this blog, we discuss key initial formulation considerations when designing mucoadhesive dosage forms, such as those involving the drug, inactive ingredients, and intended site of action.

Categories: Pharmaceuticals
Oral Care - Mucoadhesion

A Guide to Meeting Consumer’s Needs in Oral Care: Long-Lasting Properties

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 08/24/2021

Every market has unique demands when it comes to the properties of oral care products. However, no matter the market, the ability to promote longer-lasting properties of oral care products will give a brand greater appeal in an increasingly saturated marketplace. 

Categories: Pharmaceuticals
Not All Carbomers are Equal

Not All Carbomers are Created Equal: Why Quality Needs to Come First When Selecting Excipients

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 08/19/2021

To penetrate the markets, manufacturers must ensure that drug products comply with the local regulations. In an industry where the global regulatory environment is fragmented, developers and manufacturers need to know the standard of their carbomers. 

Categories: Pharmaceuticals
Apinovax - grid

Harnessing Excipients to Solve the Bioavailability Challenge

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 08/05/2021

As much as 40-70% of new APIs are poorly water soluble, having negative implication for their effectiveness. To address this issue and ensure the successful commercialization of these products, solubility enhancement is essential. In our latest blog, we explore solubility enhancement techniques.


Categories: Pharmaceuticals

4 Ways Mucoadhesion Can Benefit Drug Products

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 07/21/2021

A key factor in the success and effectiveness of many drug products is whether or not they are “mucoadhesive”. In this blog, we will explore four key ways mucoadhesion, when optimized, can improve over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription (Rx) drug products. 

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Patient Centric - L

Differentiating Your Oral Drug Product - Consider Consumer Challenges

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 01/28/2021

While advancements in drug delivery are continually improving drug efficacy and bioavailability, there are still significant areas of unmet need in the market. This post discusses some key challenges of oral drug formulations and why they are important to address for patient health and differentiation in a crowded market. We uncover strategies for overcoming these challenges, including extended drug release, taste masking, and tablet size reduction.

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Topical drug delivery

How Sensory Properties are Driving Topical Drug Product Development

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 12/08/2020

In this post, Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) discusses the importance and benefits of topical drug delivery, as well as how these sensory properties are influencing topical development and differentiation. LLS Health then reviews the significance of the FDA's Inactive Ingredient Database (IID) and the components needed to create a topical drug with patient-centric attributes.

Categories: Pharmaceuticals

Rx-to-OTC Switches: Growth, Drivers & The Role of Patients

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 11/09/2020

More than 700 products have made the switch from Rx to OTC over the past several decades, but recent years have seen an upswing. In this blog post, LLS Health discusses growth drivers in Rx-to-OTC switches, the benefits of converting a product to OTC, and how patient considerations are shaping product development. 

Categories: Pharmaceuticals

Premiumization in the Oral Care Market

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 10/12/2020

Oral health is an integral part of consumers' mounting desire to lead healthier lifestyles, resulting in industry growth. Increased awareness of oral health coupled with an improved understanding of the underlying causes of oral issues also contribute to the surge; rising market penetration and the growing availability of innovative and differentiated products play a role as well.

Categories: Pharmaceuticals
2020 Optho

2020 Advancements in Ophthalmics: New Drug Approvals, Milestones, and Innovation

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 09/16/2020

An aging population, rise in digital screen time, and surge in airborne pollution have increased the incidence of eye disease. These factors have positioned the industry for growth. We are witnessing this growth now, with two ocular drug approvals in the first half of 2020 and at least nine others set to achieve major milestones this year - in this post, Lubrizol Life Science Health reviews these milestones and their implications.

Categories: Pharmaceuticals
Medical Grade Polymer

Understanding the Complexities of Medical Grade Polymers

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 08/20/2020

The appropriate selection of component materials is often very important in the development and sustainability of a medical device.  For many devices, that selection often begins with a designer’s consideration of a range of known medical polymers.  

Categories: Medical Devices
OTC grid

How Trends in Over-The-Counter (OTC) Products are Shaping the Market

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 08/13/2020

OTC medicines treat and alleviate the symptoms of many common ailments, such as pain, cold and flu, heartburn, and acne. Product examples include cough suppressants, analgesics (pain relievers), and antihistamines. In this post, Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) dives further into OTC classification, trends in the space, and the market outlook.

Categories: Pharmaceuticals
Man taking pill

Formulating for the Future: Oral Drug Delivery for Improving Bioavailability & Patient Outcomes

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 06/16/2020

Oral drug administration is critical for the delivery of drugs in various therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular and pain management. It is considered the preferred route of administration due to its significant advantages, including being both painless and convenient.

Categories: Pharmaceuticals
Ophtho grid

Eye-Opening Trends & Techniques: Overcoming Challenges in Ophthalmic Formulations

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 05/27/2020

The inherent structure and physiology of the eye make it difficult for drugs to reach the site of action and persist over time. Despite these constraints, ocular therapies continue to garner significant interest due to growing patient need. Drug product developers are actively seeking options for overcoming these barriers and effectively delivering ophthalmic drugs. 

Categories: Pharmaceuticals

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