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Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 05/27/2020

The inherent structure and physiology of the eye make it difficult for drugs to reach the site of action and persist over time. Despite these constraints, ocular therapies continue to garner significant interest due to growing patient need. Drug product developers are actively seeking options for overcoming these barriers and effectively delivering ophthalmic drugs. 

Categories: Pharmaceutical Excipients

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 05/04/2020

The current regulatory landscape, or lack of an independent excipient approval pathway, may be limiting the entrance of new excipients in the market and, subsequently, new drug products. We sat down with the Director of Regulatory Strategy and Policy for Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health), Meera Raghuram, to discuss the importance of novel excipients and recent actions taken by the FDA.

Categories: Pharmaceutical Excipients

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