Nicholas DiFranco

Nick DiFranco  

Nick DiFranco, MEM, is the Global Market Segment Manager for Oral Treatments at Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health). In his role, Nick coordinates a multi-disciplinary team offering excipients and services for controlled release and solubility enhancement in oral solids and liquids, including Carbopol® and Apinovex™ polymers. Prior to this role, Nick held positions as an Applications Scientist and Market Manager at Lubrizol supporting long-acting drug delivery and CDMO services. Nick holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering (Biomaterials focus) and a Master of Engineering and Management degree from Case Western Reserve University.

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Posted by Nicholas DiFranco | 08/30/2023

Extended-release tablets, also known as sustained-release, controlled-release, or time-release tablets, have become increasingly important in the healthcare sector due to their ability to maintain consistent drug levels in the body over a specific period. This drug delivery system provides various benefits, including enhanced patient compliance, minimized side effects, and improved therapeutic efficacy.

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Posted by Nicholas DiFranco | 01/25/2023

For drug developers working on oral solid dosage drug projects, solubility, and therefore bioavailability, is a significant challenge. At present, poor water solubility impacts around 40% of drugs currently on the market. 

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